Hadari skips Sion's league game

السبت، 08 نوفمبر 2008 - 19:56

كتب : Sherif Tarek

الحضري هل يعود للمشاركة مع سيون؟

Sion keeper Essam Al-Hadari said he had been ruled out of his side's match against Bellinzona on Saturday upon his request.

The 35-year-old guardian has repeatedly stated that he has got fed up with his team's bad form.

He recently revealed that he was close to joining a French Ligue 1 side, which he refused to name.

"I met up with Sion chairman Christian Constantin and told him how upset I am," the Egypt goalie told FilGoal.com.

"I also informed him that I am leaving the club on December 13th."

Al-Hadari assured that Constantin, who has appointed himself as the new head coach last week, accepted his decisions and excluded him from the squad.

The veteran keeper has controversially joined Sion early in 2008 without the consent of Egyptian champions Ahli.

His abrupt departure turned him into an undesirable figure for the Red Devils' fans.