Abou-Treika wishes to avoid Algeria in playoff

الأربعاء، 11 سبتمبر 2013 - 22:41

كتب : Omar Zaazou

Egypt star Mohamed Abou-Treika does not wish to meet Algeria in the World Cup qualifying playoffs ahead of a potential clash between both nations.

After Tunisia and Morocco had failed to make it to the last qualifying stage, Egypt and Algeria became the only North Africans in the playoff round.

As Algeria could be possible opponents for the Pharaohs, Treika - who has just earned his 100th international cap - was candid about his wish to avoid the Arab rivals, citing his hope to see both nations in the World Cup finals.

"I wish Egypt and Algeria would qualify together for the World Cup rather than one team eliminate the other in the playoff," Treika, 34, told reporters on Wednesday.

"We shouldn't be preoccupied by who we're going to meet; we must be ready to face any side."

Egypt do not have pleasant recollections with Algeria, who ousted the Pharaohs from the 2010 World Cup qualifiers following a fierce competition between both sides four years ago.

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