Al-Koumi appointed temporary Ismaili president

الخميس، 04 مايو 2006 - 21:37

كتب : Omar Shoeb

Ismailia – Yasser Al-Sherif: Ismailia governor Abdel-Galeel Al-Fakharani announced on Thursday a new temporary board for Ismaili, presided by Yahia Al-Koumi, for a one-year period, succeeding another temporary board presided by Raafat Abdel-Azim.

The committee, whih also includes Ibrahim Ashour as vice president, Hassan Ads as treasurer alongside other prominent city icons, started working immediately after the announcement.

Al-Koumi insisted that he was going to focus mainly on allocating funds for the club during his one-year rule period.

The newly-appointed president also revealed that he reached an agreement with German coach Theo Buecker to extend his contract with the club for a $15,000 salary, which comes close to double his current salary at the moment.

Al-Koumi, who insisted that they were going to work on keeping their star players, had worked in the former board before quitting, and now returns as the appointed chief.

The Ismailia’s governer decision to appoint a new board comes at a perfect timing, when Abdel-Azim was at the height of the tension between him and the rest of the board regarding the coming elections date.

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