Handball star Moemen needs liver transplant

الإثنين، 29 مايو 2006 - 22:26

كتب : Amro Hassan

Sherif Moemen played a pivotal role for the Egyptian Handball team

Egyptian handball star Sherif Moemen returned to Cairo after a two-week visit to London where he underwent medical exams for his liver after a major retreat in the player's health over the last period.

"Doctors in London told me that I have to undergo surgery within six months at the most, after the exams proved that I'm suffering from severe liver cirrhosis, caused by a chronic liver disorder, which requires a liver transplant operation," Moemen told FilGoal.com exclusively.

Moemen, who plays for Saudi club Al-Khaleej, revealed that he started contacting American and Chinese hospitals for a place on their waiting lists for the liver transplant after doctors in London told him he won't be able to do the surgery there before 18 months from now.

The former Al-Tayaran player played a pivotal role in what was named “the Egyptian golden team” that won the Youth World Championship in 1993 and reached the seniors' World Cup semi-final in 2001.