Barthez warns of fear

الثلاثاء، 20 يونيو 2006 - 16:57

كتب : Amro Hassan

بارتيز فرنسا

France goalkeeper Fabien Barthez warned his team mates of fears over an early exit stressing that panicking at this moment will have a negative effect before their last group-stage game against Togo.

Barthez's side secured only two points from their first two World Cup games and they must win their game against the African debutants to avoid early elimination.

"Above all we must not fear anything, we must show self trust, go on working and only think about winning," Barthez was quoted as saying by Sky Sports Network.

France kicked-off their campaign seeking to lay to rest the ghosts of the 2002 World Cup when they entered the tournament as champions but bowed out without even scoring a goal.

But a goalless draw against Switzerland and a 1-1 tie with South Korea left the world questioning France's chances to go far in Germany.

However, as a starting goalie and a member of the French team in 1998, Barthez has a strong belief that his side are still a force to be reckoned in the football scene.

"We are still among the teams that are able to win the World Cup, it is all up to us," the Marseille shot-stopper said.

"We must not doubt that, that would be the worst thing to do, anyone who has the slightest doubt would be better off leaving."