Petrojet striker to play against Zamalek

السبت، 19 أغسطس 2006 - 22:04

كتب : Amro Hassan

Petrojet Ivorian striker Djakba Tohori is set to play in the League game against Zamalek on Sunday.

Olympic Alexandria earlier asked for their 3-1 defeat result to Petrojet to be reversed and for Tohori to be deprived from playing, claiming that his international card is yet to be received from his former Qatari club Al-Markhia.

However, Egyptian Football Federation spokesman Medhat Shalabi told on Sunday that they didn’t receive any complaint from Olympic over Tohori's participation in their defeat against Petrojet.

Shalabi added that the Petrojet-Olympic game result won't be affected even if Tohori is still a Markhia player as the player's international card was sent to EFA from the Ivorian Football Federation.

Meanwhile, Tohori's agent Tamer Al-Nahhas told that the presence of the player's international card at the Ivorian Federation proves the validity with his contract at Petrojet and that he isn’t tied by any means with Al-Markhia.

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