Valencia players happy with Koeman departure

الجمعة، 25 أبريل 2008 - 17:38

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Ronald Koeman

Joaquin Sanchez and Vicente Rodriguez couldn’t hide their delight to see Ronald Koeman out of the Mestalla.

The Dutchman was appointed in mid-season succeeding to Quique Flores but he was sacked recently due to the poor performances of the team.

Koeman’s run was awful conceding twelve defeats, six draws and winning only four games.

"I am happy that he has gone because the way he treated people was regretful," Vicente told Marca on Friday.

"It is sad, but while I have learnt something from every other coach I have played under, I learnt nothing from him. It is sad, but true."

The international player also slammed his tactics that never worked at Valencia. “We have always played between with 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, but Koeman arrived and changed it. It did not work, but he just continued with it. We talked about it a thousand times in meetings, but he was stuck in his ways.”

Joaquin was also happy to say goodbye to Koeman who dropped his from the starting lineup. "He is not the best trainer that I've had, not only because he wasn't selecting me, but because I don't think he was respectful to me in the way that he was with others.

Elsewhere David Albelda, Miguel Angulo and Santiago Canizares have backed new coach Salvador Gonzales who brought them back to the squad after being put away by Koeman.

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