Wenger takes swipe at Chelsea, Abramovich

السبت، 03 مايو 2008 - 21:04

كتب : Ahmad Saied

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger took a fresh swipe at Chelsea and Roman Abramovich on Saturday, describing their methods as immoral.

Arsenal are likely to lose Mathieu Flamini, whose contract runs out this summer, to either Juventus or Milan.

But Wenger said he won't imitate his big-spending neighbors even if this costs the departure of the French midfielder.

"We are not Chelsea and have no Abramovich," Wenger was quoted as saying by The Sun.

Wenger offers Flamini a salary of £50,000 per week in respect to the club's wages structure.

According to the paper, Arsenal's most influential player, Cesc Fabregas, is paid less than half the salary of any of Chelsea's superstars.

"We work with the resources we have," the Frenchman said.

"It is not workable and not right when somebody suddenly parachutes into your court and brings a huge amount of money with them.

"I mean morally not right, because if this guy dies what do you do? You still have to pay the players' wages.

"At Arsenal we have a debt of £360million so we have to respect the wage structure or we will go bust. You cannot ignore the numbers."

Wenger gave Flamini till Monday to decide whether to sign a new contract with Arsenal or leave the club.

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