No exclusive rights for Ahli channel

الأربعاء، 06 أغسطس 2008 - 22:23

كتب : Hatem Maher

The Egyptian Ministry of Information has turned down Ahli's request to exclusively broadcast their games on the club's newly-launched satellite channel.

Ahli chairman Hassan Hamdi held a meeting with Information Minister Anas Al-Fiqi in attempt to have the ministry's approval over the Red Devils' request.

However, Al-Fiqi insisted it was not possible for Ahli to air their matches exclusively.

He said that several networks have already struck a deal with the Egyptian FA to broadcast all Egyptian League games, including those of Ahli.

The likes of Arab Radio and Television (ART), Orbit, Modern and Dream networks have been broadcasting the Egyptian League games for three years.

Ahli have recently launched their own satellite channel, which began its transmission by broadcasting the team's friendly game against AS Roma.

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