VIDEO: Podolski spared despite slapping Ballack

الخميس، 02 أبريل 2009 - 13:00

كتب : Amro Hassan

ود ربما لا تشاهده مجددا

Germany team manager Oliver Bierhoff confirmed that no action will be taken against Lukas Podolski despite the striker's slap to Michael Ballack in Wednesday's 2-0 win over Wales.

A second-half argument between Ballack and Podolski resulted in the latter slapping his captain. However, Bierhoff said that the whole matter was sorted out after the game.

"The important thing is that nothing has been left unresolved," Bierhoff said following the game.

"We made it clear that this sort of things can be seen in a bad light. It was done in three minutes. Afterwards they looked each other in the eye and shook hands."

From his side, Ballack said that he was giving Podolski some tactical instructions, adding that the Bayern Munich man should've shown him more respect as a skipper.

"If he has a different opinion than the captain then we can talk about it after the game but on the pitch he first has to do it (what he is told)," The Chelsea midfielder said.

"He was unfortunately of a different opinion, but you can't get violent."

Watch Podolski slap Ballack