Ronaldo regrets public Real desire

الأحد، 21 يونيو 2009 - 13:30

كتب : Omar AbdelAziz

Cristiano Ronaldo admitted his poor handling to the interest from Real Madrid, which sparked the saga of his pending transfer from Manchester United.

Ronaldo is on the verge of leaving United for Real after the former had accepted an audacious £80million bid from the Spanish giants.

The Portuguese has frequently pronounced his willingness to join the Madridista, but conceded that his public approach wasn’t appropriate.

"Anything that has not been right with the move is my fault and nothing to do with Real Madrid or Manchester United," he said in the News of the World.

"I opened my mouth and that is what caused the problems between the two clubs who both acted in the correct way.

"Yes, I would have handled things differently and not been so public."

Ferguson Tribute

Despite his imminent Old Trafford exit, Ronaldo highlighted the role Sir Alex Ferguson has played in his career.

"He taught me everything about football and I have never met a man who is so passionate about the game after so many years," he added.

"He also taught me lots of things in order to make me a better person and people might not understand how much time he invests in players off the pitch. But he really does and he cares about each and every one of us.

"In an ideal world, I would like him to be my life coach and for me to never leave him but that is not possible and I just have to continue my journey and hold on to what he has taught me.

"Sir Alex has shown so much confidence in me and for that I owe him everything. When I arrived - even though I did not want it - he insisted I have number seven on my shirt."