Ismaili football director Lashes out at EFA

الإثنين، 07 ديسمبر 2009 - 00:38

كتب : Sherif Tarek

Ismaili football director Ihab Galal pounded away at the Egyptian FA while revealing a situation similar to that of Harras Hodoud forward Ahmed Eid.

Talented forward Eid was sent off in the dying minutes of Hodoud's 2-0 defeat to Arab Contractors on November 25th for his inappropriate conduct.

The FA's rules stipulate that such a dismissal should result in a two-match ban; However, Eid was suspended for a single match.

On the other hand, Ismaili striker Mohamed Selliti was dismissed in last month's 2-1 win over Military Production.

The coastal side kept the Tunisian on the sidelines for two games in accordance to the FA rules.

But afterwards Galal stated that Ismaili weren't certain whether Selliti was suspended for two games or just one.

"We kept Selliti out for two games, although the competitions committee didn't determine the length of his suspension," he said.

"We feared that if we fielded him, we would be punished.

"This kind of delinquency is typical of the Egyptian FA. They never pay enough attention to these issues.

"They don't treat all clubs with the same way either."