Ahli annoyed by laser, stones in Libya

السبت، 24 أبريل 2010 - 00:11

كتب : Hatem Maher

Ahli said they were annoyed by a laser beam aimed by Ittihad of Libya fans on keeper Ahmed Adel during Friday's African Champions League round of 16 first leg clash which they lost 2-0.

"The home fans tried to unsettle Adel and affect his concentration by targeting him with a laser beam," Ahli's football director Hadi Khashaba said on the club's official website after the game.

"We already informed the referee before the game that we were worried about that.

"We asked the match commissioner to include the incident in his match report."

Ahli also said that central defender Wael Gomaa needed four stitches in his head after being hit with a stone thrown by Ittihad fans after the game.

"This was an inexplicable behavior from Ittihad supporters," Ahli said in another statement on their website.

"The stones also injured midfielder Mohamed Barakat. We asked the match commissioner to report those incidents to (African governing body) CAF."

The Red Devils face possible exit from the competition's preliminary rounds for the second successive season after conceding two goals from corners at the packed 11 June Stadium in Libya.

They will play Ittihad at Cairo Stadium, which can host up to 74,000 fans, in the second leg in two weeks' time.

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