Ex-Zamalek official defends Geddo against old club

الخميس، 05 أغسطس 2010 - 14:22

كتب : Omar Abdelziz

الزمالك الاتحاد السكندرى جدو شيكابالا

Geddo's transfer saga has taken another twist as a former Zamalek official insists the Ahli striker received no fees after controversially signing for the Whites, while director Ibrahim Hassan vehemently denies.

Geddo was fined EGP 2.2million for signing a contract with Zamalek before extending his stay with Ittihad, from which he joined Ahli in the summer.

However, former Zamalek employee Hussein Abdul-Monem denied that the club had paid the 26-year-old forward a signing on fee, and thus believes the player shouldn’t have been sanctioned.

"It doesn’t relieve me to see Geddo get punished, because he didn’t receive any money from Zamalek in the first place," said Abdul-Monem, who stressed that he resigned from his post under his own will.

"Any financial transaction that took place inside the club when I was working must have gone through me.

"I was present at the room where Geddo signed and I insist he hadn’t been paid any money. I am ready to testify whenever I am needed to.


In response to the fresh claims, Zamalek football director Ibrahim Hassan vehemently denied Abdul-Monem's comments, launching a vicious attack on him.

Hassan labeled Abdul-Monem as dishonest, stressing that he fired him from his post last term, on contrary to what the man had said about his unforced departure.

"This man used to cause many problems inside the club and I made sure to have him sacked because he was dishonest," said the outspoken Hassan.

"More than once he had exposed important information about the team to the media, that’s why we didn’t inform him about our transfer targets.

"He had no idea about the Geddo deal, neither did he learn about the transactions regarding the issue."

Zamalek, who were far from satisfied with the FA's decision not to suspend Geddo, have launched another appeal this week asking for a more severe punishment against the Egypt international.

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