Video: Burdisso admits making 'terrible mistake'

الأحد، 12 سبتمبر 2010 - 14:26

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Roma defender Nicolas Andres Burdisso is a bit flustered because of his dreadful tackle on Daniele Conti in Cagliari's 5-1 Serie A win on Saturday.

The harsh challenge caused Conti to sustain a serious injury that required 30 stitches while Burdisso was sent off. His foul on 20 minutes gave Cagliari a penalty kick too.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that Conti did not suffer any fractures but the midfielder is yet to undergo medical tests to know whether or not there is any knee ligament damage.

Burdisso the next day admitted making a 'terrible mistake' but stressed that he didn't mean to hurt his challenger.

"I made a terrible mistake," he told Sky Sport Italia. "From then on, it was a totally different game.

"I am the first and only person responsible for this result. I'm more disappointed than anyone, as I was so looking forward to playing.

"I apologized to Daniele on the pitch and then in the locker room afterwards. I went there to get the ball, but then I saw he was down and realised my game was over.

"I did not go in with bad intentions. I told Conti that and what I want to reiterate is that I want more than anything that he can get back on the field as soon as possible.

"I went for the ball and just didn't see him; I was looking only at the ball. I also spoke to his Dad and apologized.

"He told me these things happen, so I reiterated that I absolutely did not go in trying to get the man. I take full responsibility for this result; I put my teammates in a terrible position."

The match's highlights

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