I’m not against revolution - Ibrahim Hassan

الخميس، 24 فبراير 2011 - 13:47

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Ibrahim Hassan says that calling for a full siege against protestors and backing toppled president Hosni Mubarak does not mean he was against the Egyptian Revolution that took place last month.

The Zamalek football director, along with twin brother and head coach Hossam, publicly showed support to the ex-president a week before his departure.

Moreover, the temperamental Ibrahim urged authorities to form a blockade against the protestors in Tahrir Square and prevent them from food, water and medical supplies at the time.

His act incurred the wrath of most of the supporters in the world of Egyptian football, including Zamalek patrons.

“I know that several Zamalek and Ahli fans are asking me and Hossam to step down, but I want to clarify that we weren’t against the revolution,” Hassan told FilGoal.com.

“We didn’t like vandalizing properties and we were totally against humiliating the president because he is a symbol of the nation.”

According to a considerable portion of Zamalek supporters, the Hassans’ reputation went down after the revolution, with some fans unconcerned about the speculation of calling off the league season despite the Whites’ superiority.

Zamalek finished the first half of the season on top of the table, three points ahead of closest rivals Ismaili.

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