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جائزة احسن لاعب افريقى محمد ابوتريكة و عمرو زكى

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Over dozen players skip Ittihad training

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Thirteen players took no part in Ittihad's training session on Monday in protest at their overdue payments. understands the coastal club's footballers haven't been paid their salaries for three months.

Goalkeeper Al-Hani Soliman and midfielder Ibrahim Al-Shayeb tried to talk their teammates out of skipping training, but in vain.

Former Ahli frontman Hani Al-Egeizi, Mahmoud Samir and Mohamed Gaber were among the players who deliberately missed the session.

The sum of Ittihad's player monthly wages is EGP 930,000. The Alexandrian outfit are suffering a financial crunch these days.

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