We have nothing to do with politics - Police coach

الخميس، 24 فبراير 2011 - 20:16

بقلم : Omar AbdelAziz

Police Union manager Talaat Youssef urged supporters not to point finger at his club after the Egyptian Revolution.

The majority of Egyptian citizens turned against the police force after the monumental revolt, following a series of vicious events of late.

Police officers were accused of fleeing on the third day of last month’s uprising, which caused wide havoc in the country with the absence of security forces.

Moreover, the former regime’s state security forces were blamed for the deaths of 300 Egyptian protestors on February the 3rd.


“The team is independent from the Ministry of Interior, we’re a separate sports entity that has nothing to do with politics,” Police coach Youssef told FilGoal.com.

“In fact we had three or four players who were at the Tahrir Square with the protesters during the revolution.

“So please there is no need to be hostile against our club.”

Youssef has been overachieving with Police over the past couple of seasons, having led the team to fourth place in the league last term.

The Cairo club have also been impressive so far this term as they finished the first half of the league season in third place.


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