Egyptian FA reconsidering league resumption

السبت، 02 أبريل 2011 - 23:20

بقلم : وكالات

The Egyptian FA is reconsidering resuming the league midway through April as planned, said Samri Zaher, president of the governing body, in the wake of the chaos that Zamalek's Champions League game with Club Africain witnessed.

The Whites were taking a slender lead as the score line was 2-1 by the time several hooligans went past security personnel to invade the pitch and disturb the game on Saturday.

A handful of fans were followed by hundreds as some supporters assaulted the referee, his assistants and some of Africain's players before they were secured.

Some of the hooligans went down with wooden rods, others with knifes. No major injuries have been reported up to press time.

As expected, the unpleasant incident prompted the FA to look again into the league resumption.

"This is not promising," Zaher told "What happened makes us reconsider the league recommencement mid-April.

"Most of the spectators were Zamalek's fans, Africain's supporters were numbered.

"What if we resumed the league and the fans of two bitter rivals such as Ahli and Zamalek were at the same stadium?

"The circumstances are not helping us to resume the Egyptian Premier League."

Security has been far from maintained in Egypt since the Janaury-25 Revolution, which forced ex-president Hosni Mubarak to step down on 11 February.


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