Zaki rejects salary cap suggestion

Zamalek striker Amr Zaki is totally against limiting the wages of footballers in Egypt, following the nation’s recent public revolution.

The salary cap speculation has been raised recently, most notably when the Egyptian FA discussed introducing it during a meeting with club presidents this week.

However, Egypt striker Zaki couldnt disagree more with the notion.

“I totally reject this option. Controlling wages and contracts has no place in the world of professional football,” the 27-year-old told FilGoal.com.

Ismailis ultras group Yellow Dragons threatened to stop attending the teams matches if no limits were applied to the wages of players in the club.


In the same manner, Zamalek football director Ibrahim Hassan voiced his disagreement with the suggestion.

I am against this idea. Since players vary in their standards, it is logic that wages are also variable,” Hassan said.

It is a supply-and-demand situation. It also has no place in European football. Every player is worth what he deserves.”

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